Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Evangelical warmist Katharine Hayhoe; 15-year global warming bust gives IPCC more confidence in future projections |
That level of certainty “has increased with every report,” notes Dr. Hayhoe, an expert reviewer for the IPCC. “Because we have more data, we have more science, we have more observations.”
Women Leaders: Ignoring Climate Change Is Like Sending 'A Child With A 105 Fever' To School | ThinkProgress
...summit co-founder Sally Ranney said on a press call Tuesday. “The world is headed towards 4 degrees centigrade – that’s 7.2 degrees F. This is like having a child with a 105 fever and you give her a pat on the head and an aspirin and send her off to school and expect her to function normally, while permanent damage is taking place.”
Climate: UNKNOWNS are greater than KNOWNS | ScottishSceptic
No rational person could support the previous IPCC’s report where they said it was “very likely” that the majority of warming is man-made but to increase this confidence in the face of the failed predictions and the statistical tests that say otherwise is delusional.

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