Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maldives update: "climate issues have been absent from the political campaigns"; 16 of 22 automatic weather stations are broken; carbon neutral by 2020 pledge derailed; quarter of GDP spent on diesel

The Maldives, a fledgling democracy at the vanguard of climate change | Environment | The Guardian
An IPCC report on future sea-level rise looms, but climate issues have been absent from the political campaigns on the paradise atolls
...The meteorology centre has just 40 years of data and does not have the equipment to measure the sea's temperature or wave heights. Sixteen of its 22 automatic weather stations are broken due to lack of money for maintenance on remote islands.
Nasheed, whose attention-grabbing campaigning on climate change has involved holding an underwater cabinet meeting in 2009 and being named by David Cameron as his "new best friend" in 2011, was ousted in February 2012. That derailed his pledge to make the nation carbon neutral by 2020
Nasheed's pledge of $1bn in welfare payments in the next five years, plus the quarter of GDP spent on the diesel that powers the nation, would give little room for spending on climate adaptation without foreign aid in an already heavily indebted nation.


Jamie said...

Dodgy instruments and claims of 'drowning islands' didn't stop the Maldives from Opening Four New Underwater Airports!

Claims of Maldives and Pacific Islands 'drowning' by Rising Seas are opportunistic, as evidenced by data

Enjoy your work Tom!


Otter said...

Wait... a muslim leader, and a 'fledgling democracy'? How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Maldives are in the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific.

Look up Male on Google Earth. It is the strangest place on earth. Population density is 18,000/km2. On an island in the middle of no where.