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"The planetary temperature is going steadily and sharply up": What was the process that resulted in warmist Drew Shindell being one of the drafting authors of the IPCC's Summary for Policymakers?

Summary for Policymakers authors as of Oct 2012 - WG1AR5_SPM_FOD_Final.doc -
Drafting Authors: Lisa Alexander (Australia), Simon Allen (Switzerland), Nathaniel Bindoff (Australia), 6 Francois-Marie Breon (France), John Church (Australia ), Ulrich Cubasch (Germany), Seita Emori (Japan), 7 Piers Forster (United Kingdom), Pierre Friedlingstein (United Kingdom), Nathan Gillett (Canada), Jonathan 8 Gregory (United Kingdom), Dennis Hartmann (USA), Eystein Jansen (Norway), Ben Kirtman (USA), Reto 9 Knutti (Switzerland), Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla (India), Peter Lemke (Germany), Jochem Marotzke 10 (Germany), Valerie Masson-Delmotte (France), Gerald Meehl (USA), Igor Mokhov (Russia), Shilong Piao 11 (China), Gian-Kasper Plattner (Switzerland), Qin Da he (China), Venkatachalam Ramaswamy (USA), David 12 Randall (USA), Monika Rhein (Germany), Maisa Rojas (Chile), Christopher Sabine (USA), Drew Shindell 13 (USA), Thomas Stocker (Switzerland), Lynne Talle y (USA), David Vaughan (United Kingdom), Shang- 14 Ping Xie (USA) 15 16

Draft Contributing Authors (list to be updated): Olivier Boucher (France), Philippe Ciais (France), Peter 17 Clark (USA), Matthew Collins (United Kingdom), Joey Comiso (USA), Gregory Flato (Canada), Jens 18 Hesselbjerg Christensen (Denmark), Albert Klein Tank (Netherlands), Gunna r Myhre (Norway), Scott 19 Power (Australia), Stephen Rintoul (Germany), Matilde Rusticucci (Argentina), Michael Schulz (Germany), 20 Peter Stott (United Kingdom), Donald Wuebbles (USA) 21 22
Date of Draft: 5 October 2012 [Total number of authors is around 50]
▶ From 24 Hours of Reality: Drew Shindell on Al Gore's show - YouTube
[Shindell starts spouting alarmism around the 1-min mark] Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality" Greenland panel discussion: Dr. Drew Shindell (NASA), Nathan Currier, Naomi Levine (Harvard) and others discuss potential impacts of changes in Greenland, during Hour 22 of 24 Hours of Reality, 2011.
ClimateGate email 0374, Shindell gets Michael Mann's explicit endorsement, 2003
...We could incorporate perhaps a few number of the "usual suspects" (say just Phil and Ray), and I would want to include Drew Shindell and/or Gavin Schmidt, along w/ Caspar Ammann and/or Simon Tett--Tom Crowley would be logical to include too, unless you say any sort of conflict here. In my experience, Von Storch can be difficult, to say the least, and I would just as soon avoid including him (having tried my best to jointly organize workshops and special sessions with him in the past, and with limited success at best). Will await further word from you, mike
2011  -
[Shindell] It’s fundamentally scary to think about something dangerous [CO2] that lasts thousands of years in the atmosphere. Think of nuclear waste – would it really be so frightening if it was as dangerous but only lasted a few weeks?
An Inconvenient Truth - XIXAX
[2007] Drew Shindell, a climate scientist with NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said that climate scientists frequently have been dissuaded from talking to the media about their research, though NASA's restrictions have been eased.

Prior to the change, interview requests of climate scientists frequently were "routed through the White House" and then turned away or delayed, said Shindell. He described how a news release on his study forecasting a significant warming in Antarctica was "repeatedly delayed, altered and watered down" at the insistence of the White House.
2009: What Is Going On With The Weather? - CBS News
"In the past 30 or 40 years you can see the global warming distinctly," Shindell said. "The planetary temperature is going steadily and sharply up."

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Shindell and Schmidt disappoint.

Apr. 23, 2001
Greenhouse gases are the main reason why the northern hemisphere is warming quicker during winter-time months than the rest of the world, according to new computer climate model results by NASA scientists.