Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unclear on the concept: When Henry Waxman brings in a warmist Iowa farmer to talk to Congress, the farmer blames global warming for a May snowstorm and a coldest-ever July

Climate Hawks Vs. Climate Deniers: 'Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt' | ThinkProgress
Matt Russell, a fifth generation farmer from Iowa, was first to speak. He said that in the last five years Iowa has experienced the worst flooding and worst drought in the state’s recorded history.

“We’re getting all the wrong weather at the wrong time,” Russell said. “July was the coldest ever in Iowa and now September is the hottest. We had the worst snowstorm in two years in May and now we’re back in drought. The joke in Iowa is what month will show up in October?”

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gofer said...

1931 was the hottest year in Iowa and the hottest temp recorded was 118 in 1934. Iowa's hottest temps occurred prior to 1988 when CO2 was "safe". It's also interesting to note that extreme N.East Iowa averages only 8 days above 90 while the SW corner averages 36 days. Iowa's avg temp. is 48 degrees which is way below the global average.

We have become so calloused that when a farmer goes to Congress to complain about the weather and it's a serious discussion and nobody calls for the loony wagon. I wonder what the farmer gets out of this for making a fool of himself, since the majority of farmers think AGW is a joke.