Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greenpeace chief Naidoo: "there isn’t a single Greenpeace activist who doesn’t dream of taking part" in protest expeditions

Arctic Our Way: Greenpeace, Gazprom and the Battle for the Shelf | The Interpreter
“The majority of our volunteers do not work in Greenpeace,” Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director of Greenpeace explained to The New Times. “They simply take a vacation and spend their own personal time. And believe me, each time another expedition is being prepared, there isn’t a single Greenpeace activist who doesn’t dream of taking part in it.”

Greenpeace International takes on the basic expenses for the expedition, and local offices pay only the tickets of the volunteers.ii According to Vladimir Chuprov, the cost of a day of sailing on the Arctic Sunrise is about €10,000 euros, that is, the budget of a 20-day operation in the Arctic is approximately €200,000.
...The boats approached the platform, violating the 500-meter safety zone around it established under international standards. Two activists, Sini Saarela and Marco Weber, threw up the grappling hooks in order to climb the 15-meter height of the platform, but security guards cut the cables, so that the activists fell in the water, where the Ladoga, a border ship, picked them up.

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