Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Climate report: How the science has moved on - environment - 30 September 2013 - New Scientist
Vaughan agrees. "We are now more confident that ice sheet collapse isn't going to happen in the next few decades." But the Antarctic ice sheets could have an Achilles heel, such as Pine Island glacier. "If anything scary happens it will be in Antarctica," says Payne.

Another key issue is the effect of clouds. "IPCC hasn't done a good job on clouds before," says clouds lead author Piers Forster of the University of Leeds, UK. "They were a big unknown in modelling warming."

In 2007, it was uncertain even whether clouds cooled or warmed the planet overall. "But we now believe that they are a positive feedback on temperature," he says. "Their warming effect will intensify with global warming."
Climate Change Rescue in U.S. Makes Steyer Converge With Paulson - Bloomberg
As freakish weather traumatizes society and rings up economic losses, adaptation is now taking on as much urgency as prevention, former Vice President Al Gore says.
...“The next time lobbyists go from Senate office to Senate office saying this is how many jobs you’re going to lose in your state, we’ll have an intellectual response: ‘Bulls---. That’s bulls---,’” he says.
My take on the latest climate change news | Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC
There is more clarity than ever that if global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, we face a very grim future.

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