Friday, October 11, 2013


Natural gas 'fracking' has flipped US energy map, study says | Alaska Dispatch
The Northeast is poised to switch from the nation’s largest demand region to a net supply region
Booming Southeast pink returns fuel Alaska's biggest salmon harvest ever | Alaska Dispatch
In 2013, there were 219 million pink salmon caught across the state, where a total of 272 million salmon were landed. Both numbers were records.
Flashback: Governor Should Renew Alaska's Leading Role in Climate Change Response | Alaska Dispatch
One of the most worrisome threats is that of ocean acidification (from excess carbon dioxide absorption), which threatens Alaska’s salmon and crab fisheries.
Government shutdown leaves Antarctic researchers out in the cold | Alaska Dispatch
The summer season in Antarctica lasts from about September to March, since outside of those months the sunless skies and temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit [?] make work on the ice unfeasible.

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