Monday, October 07, 2013


Jennifer Marohasy » The Nature of Inclusive Climate Science
If the IPCC had to use such forecasts for anything practical in the real world like growing a crop of food, it would soon be ruin. But it doesn’t, it only has to make pronouncements.
Climate guru puts ‘global warming’ on ice
The “premeditated” science is a major culprit for the climate-change concerns, according to Ball. But he also blames the media.

“The main reason they were able to get away with what they’ve gotten away with is that a majority of the mainstream media were complicit in what (the IPCC and other scientists) were doing,” Ball said. “This is where the Founding Fathers have been corrupted because they believed the media would be the watchdogs, the gatekeepers. The mainstream media have failed completely.”
The Climate Brick Road song — “surrender your neurology to the church of climatology” « JoNova
This song is growing on me. It didn’t grab me in the first verse, but I was definitely smiling by the middle. A rollicking… satire.
One Comrade to Another: Former Obama advisers produce TV ads to pressure Obama to approve Keystone XL |
Even though they make opposing arguments, both sets of Keystone XL ads have one thing in common: they were developed with the help of consultants who served as top strategists for President Obama. Anita Dunn of SKDKnickerbocker, a former White House communications director, produced TransCanada’s campaign. Jim Margolis, a top ad maker for both of Mr. Obama’s presidential bids, and his firm GMMB were behind Mr. Steyer’s spots.

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