Saturday, October 12, 2013


What should be done about climate change refugees? | Toronto Star
“People are just ignoring it in the United States,” says Ferris. She believes the issue of migration due to climate change has slipped on the international agenda. Her sentiments were echoed by one expert, who asked not to be identified. He told the Star he was “disheartened” by what he heard at a recent meeting of international officials discussing slow-onset climate change and its impact on people.
India Must Rename Cyclone Phailin and Call Attention to Global Warming | Subhankar Banerjee
Bamboozled by the lure of technology, humans have become deeply amnesic. We forget a tragedy soon after the corporate media stops reporting on a particular catastrophe. In a globally warmed Earth, however, before amnesia sets in, the next assault arrives.
Time to reconcile the financial and climate crises - The Green Economy - The Big Debates - E!Sharp
Four years ago I asked Lord Turner – who was at that time both Head of the UK’s financial regulator and the UK’s ‘climate regulator’ the Committee on Climate Change – how much time he was spending on the financial versus the climate crisis. The answer – perhaps not unsurprisingly given we were in the middle of a financial meltdown – was one day a month on the climate crisis and the rest of the time on finance.
Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November | UK | News | Daily Express
BRITAIN is braced for the "worst winter in decades" with the first major snowfall expected in weeks.

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