Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The other divergence problem – climate communications | Watts Up With That?
Truly, it looks like the climateers have a communications problem. People don’t seem to be engaging them like they used to. Personally I think people are seeing through it all, and angry, irrational, rants from people like Mike Mann don’t seem to be helping his cause at all. I can understand their cognitive dissonance though, because in the world where they exist, where everything is grant/funding driven, surely some former TV weather guy in Chico California and his collection of “flying monkeys” (in SkS parlance) can’t possibly be doing what he’s doing without some massive “big oil” funding behind it. Right? Surely the Koch brothers must be secretly paying for it, like Mann thinks. The truth is, WUWT exists on donations, some advertising revenue sharing managed by wordpress.com, and stamina.
- Bishop Hill blog - On advice to government
The [Walport] briefing is, I'm sure readers will agree, woeful. It's a damning indictment of the advice that the government is getting from the scientific establishment. Nevertheless, we should be grateful that it has seen the light of day. People need to see the standards that pertain in Whitehall. Then at least they might understand how we have reached the point at which we wonder if the lights are going to stay on this winter.
[5-minute video] Dramatic re-enactment of the current and emerging DOWNFALL of the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) following their latest debunked Report.
Another Reason Why IPCC Predictions (Projections) Fail. AR5 Continues to Let The End Justify the Unscrupulous Means.
[Tim Ball] They’ve already shown that being wrong or being caught doesn’t matter because the objective of the scary headline is achieved by the complete disconnect between their Science Reports and the Summary for Policymakers. It is also no coincidence that the SPM is released before national politicians meet to set their budgets for climate change and the IPCC. As Saul Alinsky insisted in rules for radicals, the end justifies the means.

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