Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Blog: Global Cooling versus Global Warming
It is well-established science that the cooling of the earth has been in the past and would be in the future more disruptive to human existence than atmospheric warming. If we are quite quiet, we may yet hear the sound of extreme irony laughing its head off at our efforts to lower carbon dioxide emissions and, thus, initiating or strengthening cooler weather conditions that would bring massive hunger and movements of populations, precisely the opposite condition wished for by the anthropogenic global warming crowd. However, no one may be able to spend their waking hours smirking if it turns out that inevitable global cooling could have been ameliorated by burning the fuel that we are using today that would have helped us to warm the planet and our sorrowful bodies tomorrow. We are so not prescient
Twitter / ClimateReality: This year’s severe floods ...
This year’s severe floods cost Germany about $16 billion in damages. That’s the
Understanding Glaciers | Real Science
If a glacier is retreating, it is due to global warming melting the glacier.

If a glacier is advancing, it is due to global warming melting the ice and lubricating the base of the glacier.

If a glacier is neither retreating nor advancing, it is because 2.4 billion atom bombs worth of heat have been accumulating at the bottom of the sea.
Wind power is a fraud, says Professional Engineer
“Wind power is unsustainable; it will never produce more energy than was needed to design, fabricate, erect, operate, maintain, and decommission it,” says Charles S. Opalek, PE. “The ultimate irony is: The Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI) for wind power is less the unity,” says Opalek. “In fact, using the Livermore Pass EROEI analysis, I proved the Embodied Energy Yield Ratio was not 14.87 as claimed, but 0.29.”

“Wind power is a fraud.”

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