Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Robusta hits three-year low on Vietnam crop outlook
Robusta coffee futures on Liffe hit a three-year low on Tuesday, ahead of a forecast record crop from top grower Vietnam, which dealers expect will help create a global surplus.
In Canada's Alberta province, oil sands boom is a two-edged sword - latimes.com
The petroleum industry has funneled billions of dollars into Canada's national, provincial and local economies and employs thousands of people in places with few other jobs. But the oil sands boom may also be polluting the air and water, and is stoking fear that it is damaging the health of those in its arc.

"From everything I hear from the indigenous peoples, their thinking seems to be 'It's a choice between whether we starve to death or are poisoned to death,'" said Dr. John O'Connor, a general practitioner who has worked here since 1993.
Crowdfund the Hero Hatchery: Cultivate climate heroes everywhere » TckTckTck | The Global Call for Climate Action
The climate movement is picking up momentum
HLS Divest Harvard Responds: Faust Wrong, Hypocritical to Reject Forum | The Record
we believe it will take the world’s most renowned academic institution to reign in the world’s most wealthy, powerful, and destructive corporations.

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gofer said...

They don't seem to realize that the vast majority of the world's oil companies are owned by governments. Do they expect the Saudis, Mexico, Brazil, etc. to all of a sudden stop funding oil production?