Monday, October 21, 2013


Of “gold standards” and tradition: UN hockey-stick vs Israeli menorah | The View From Here
...the Secretariat has studied reducing the IPCC’s carbon and environmental footprints, and examining the choice of meeting venues and travel distances. She stressed that these considerations must be balanced with other needs, including the facilitation of outreach and awareness raising. She raised the possibility of carbon offsetting and noted the success of the IPCC’s use of electronic documents at recent meetings.
- Bishop Hill blog - Wilson on millennial temperature reconstructions
The real fireworks came when Mann's latest papers, which hypothesise that tree ring proxies have large numbers of missing rings after major volcanic eruptions, were described as "a crock of xxxx".
Increasing Clouds and Thunderstorms For Climate Alarmists - Paul Driessen - Page full
In short, our Earth’s climate may well changing, as it has repeatedly throughout history. But the changes are natural, and they are thus far hardly catastrophic – nothing like the wooly mammoth ice ages or Little Ice Age, and little different from any of the 20th century. Moreover, the changes are natural in origin. They are not due to humans, and they are not occurring in ways the alarmists and their models predicted

We truly need hydrocarbon energy: to lift more people out of poverty, maintain our living standards, and ensure the wealth and technology to adapt to any climate changes that nature may visit upon us (with or without some contribution from human carbon dioxide). Climate alarmism undermines all of this.

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