Tuesday, October 01, 2013


IPCC Scientists Invited to Make Pledge Not to Blame Global Cooling on Humanity | Talking About the Weather
To all IPCC scientists who elect to make this pledge by simply typing their name in comments, a heartfelt thank-you. Your courage is duly noted.
The People vs Winter - Video
Follies of living where it snows.
IPCC Conclusions Were Drawn Up Three Years Ago – Before Any of The Science Was Done | Real Science
The science was settled – before it even started.
Notes on a Scandal: UK Regional Cooling - Predicted or Not by the IPCC?
already increasingly unpopular measures in the UK designed to mitigate global warming, in particular sky-high energy bills due to renewables subsidies, would become potential political dynamite if the world's authority on climate change was to say that global warming in the UK would mean actual cooling.

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