Friday, October 18, 2013


Climate change: just 'don't be a dick' | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
Then I listened to the US contemporary graphic designer and street artist Frank Shepard Fairey offer a different solution; shocking people out of their complacency.
...Stopping for a moment, Fairey came out with the unforgettable line that what will save the planet is if people "just stop being dicks."
In Austin, Fairey talked of the importance of using images, rather than just good arguments, of appropriating iconic symbols and subverting them, of using art to be evocative and provocative.
Does the global warming 'pause' mean what you think it means? | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment |
The slowed warming is limited to surface temperatures, two percent of overall global warming, and is only temporary
Arizona Utility Tries Storing Solar Energy for Use in the Dark -
Solana is a $2-billion project built with a $1.45 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.
Offshore wind expansion in UK under threat, says key player | Environment |
A major offshore wind developer has thrown into doubt the huge expansion of sea-based turbines, which the government is relying on to keep the lights on for the rest of the decade.

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