Wednesday, October 16, 2013


How Somali Pirates Almost (but Not Quite) Halted Vital Climate Change Research - Richard Schiffman - The Atlantic
there are positive feedback mechanisms that start to kick in and speed things up. For example, when the Arctic sea ice melts, as it has increasingly in recent years, the area of dark blue heat-absorbing ocean increases, raising temperatures, melting more ice, which in turn raises temperatures still further in an snowballing process.
German power play – silly EU CO2 rules for cars delayed at least till 2024 | Tallbloke's Talkshop
It's the right decision of course. The proposal was for yet another one of the many EU rules where the benefits are doubtful and the implementation would have had no measurable effects on the desired outcome.
Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As “Captives”
When Greenpeace illegally trespasses onto a facility and rams the boats of authorities, they insist it’s “peaceful protest”. But when Russian authorities arrest activists for breaking the law, Greenpeace describes the Russian authorities as “taking captives”…like hostage takers holding people illegally. A rather hostile choice of words, I’d say.

Greenpeace seems to be confused about who the accused criminals are and who the law-enforcement authorities are.
(Micro)agressions on social media | Climate Etc.
The internet is empowering people (and increasingly females) to shine a light on bullying. This can only be a good thing.

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