Friday, October 18, 2013


It's Time for Newspapers to Deny the Climate Deniers | Care2 Causes
However, when it comes to climate change, an issue that affects our very existence on this planet, to imply that there’s a fifty-fifty split or that it’s a controversy rather than a fact, is just plain old “inaccurate,” like Thornton said.

Since the LA Times took its stand on climate change, a grassroots campaign has been launched, targeting other major newspapers. Led by Forecast the Facts, the campaign asks editors of the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal to adopt similar policies.
Change is needed to stave off climate change crisis: Suzuki
For those who think it's impossible to reduce energy use, broadcaster, environmentalist and scientist David Suzuki said the 2011 Japan earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster proves it isn't.

“Every one of the 52 nuclear reactors was shut down, and Japan reduced its energy use by over 25 per cent,” he said during his keynote speech at a local energy conservation symposium.
“There were no regulations, no laws passed. It was strictly voluntary. Today in Japan only two of the reactors are back up and running.
“Yet if you go to Japan today you'd think everything seems fine. What the hell did they need the nuclear reactors for?

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