Monday, October 14, 2013


United Nations News Centre - Greater financial investment needed to combat climate change – UN chief
“I hope you will collectively use the 2014 Climate Summit to reach the goal of $100 billion-a-year for new climate finance commitments"
Unexpected heavy snowfall hits Austria and Switzerland
Most snowfall in more than 200 years.
Video of snowfall that surprised Bavaria
All-time record since first data were gathered 240 years ago.
Looking over their shoulder | Digging in the Clay
Oh this is hilarious. The Daily Express reports today that Met Office staff have a few other weather forecaster websites bookmarked
What is the IPCC? » Climate Resistance
The publication of the IPCC’s reports is a ritual. Its report’s are like ceremonial talismans, which bestow whoever wields them with divine (aka ‘scientific’) right. Unless the IPCC can robustly and quickly respond to the torrent of self-serving hyperbole that is uttered by it’s self-appointed proxies, it will remain merely a cult of weird monks, who are wheeled out for ceremonial purposes, but who are otherwise ignored.

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