Monday, October 28, 2013


Nearly $1 billion a day to change the climate… the invisible vested elephant in the room « JoNova
Here’s a stark statistic that came out last week in a new report: The Climate Industry draws in nearly $1 billion dollars a day. But here’s an ominous combination: … it openly admits that taxpayer money is its “engine-room”. Reading between the lines below, this industry is almost completely dependent on domestic policies that funnel money from citizens to itself, and tilts the playing field — without those policies, it can’t attract much private money. That is, it can only get money at least partially by coercion, people won’t give it money purely voluntarily. These same groups want even more — they want the public to take the risks too. What could possibly go wrong?
'Global warming isn't happening yet we spend billions to fix a non-existent problem' -
Looking ahead, so long as government pursues ‘green’ policies, things will get worse.

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