Wednesday, October 02, 2013


IPCC Dogmatists Under Fire: Little Ice Age May Be Due To Changes In Solar Activity
Swiss scientists now say that the Little Ice Age most certainly could have been triggered by variations in solar activity.
Best Dramatic over-playing of climate change goes to Eric Holthaus - Charlotte Conservative |
we have decided to nominate meteorologist Eric Holthaus as "Best Dramatic Meteorologist" for our continuing man-made gobal warming series rooted in phantom climate change.
Climate deniers in their own universe - The Globe and Mail
Scientists, if they’re any good, are always updating their data. If they are honest, they adjust conclusions according to new observations. So this IPCC group, which is accused by critics of being rigid ideologues, actually observed new data and said forthrightly that the rate of warming increase had slowed in the last 15 years compared to the two previous 15-year periods.

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Forced to admit it is the real truth.