Thursday, October 24, 2013


INTERVIEW-Greenpeace Arctic captain laments uncertainty after Russian arrest | Reuters
Asked what he thought about the Russian government and its treatment of the Greenpeace activists, Willcox wrote: "What are they scared of? The truth?"

Asked why he did not quit after the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior during a campaign against French nuclear testing in the Pacific, Willcox said: "Because we thought if we scared a first world government so badly, we must be doing something right.
Al Gore: Keystone an ‘atrocity’ - Andrew Restuccia -
Gore delighted the progressive crowd at the CAP event, listing off a bevy of facts and figures about the threat of climate change.

“You think I’m passionate about this? You’re damn right I’m passionate about this,” said Gore, who got a standing ovation. “I do love this country, damn it. And our country is in very deep trouble.”
Nebraska Scientists Refuse To Conduct Climate-Denying Study | ThinkProgress
the bill that created the study limits its scope to “cyclical climate change in Nebraska.”
Solar effects seem to shift wind and rainfall patterns over last 3000 years in Chile « JoNova
The end result is they find that the westerly winds shift northwards towards the equator during lower solar activity, and conversely move southwards towards the poles during higher solar activity. The shifting wind patterns move the rainfall. An effect is apparent in records for the last 3,000 years.

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