Friday, October 18, 2013


Antarctica Set A Third All-Time Record While Government Was “Shutdown” | sunshine hours
Antarctica set a third All-Time Record for sea ice extent while the US federal government was “shutdown”.
Why does the ABC hire Dr Karl and Robyn Williams? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Dr Karl isn’t just contradicted by the very source he cites. His claim of 0.3 degrees of warming in 16 years is also four times more than what even the warmist IPCC claims in its latest report
“Climate refugee” found - from an island growing, not sinking | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The most populous island of Kiribati is actually growing, not sinking as warmists claim
- Bishop Hill blog - Worst BBC programme of all time?
BBC Radio 4's Feedback programme looked at the space given to global warming sceptics in the period covering the release of the Fifth Assessment Report.

The programme was shameless, stupid and dishonest.

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