Friday, October 04, 2013


IPCC not so confident we’re about to face catastrophes | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The latest IPCC report dials down the alarm on so many scares that the likes of Al Gore and Tim Flannery peddled
IPCC's growing confidence is 'not a question of grade inflation'
He said, “People have jokingly said this to me over the years, ‘Well, of course you have to come to a high level of confidence because that’s the nature of the job when you make this assessment. You always have to increase the level of confidence.’”
Pantomime to tragedy: was 2013 the year climate politics got real?
The end game for symbolic climate change politics has arrived. But rather than replacing the pretence of symbolic climate politics with meaningful policies, we are seeing the reverse, the rejection, in the Anglo Saxon world at least, of climate politics in all its forms, symbolic or otherwise.

The new Australian Prime Minister has consigned climate change to the dustbin of policy making.

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