Sunday, October 06, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - CCC in Parliament. Again.
I have no idea what the committee is intending to achieve with this hearing. I'd like to see them exploring issues such as how Lord Deben manages to provide independent advice on renewables while occupying a management role within a company that will gain massively from expansion of renewables and also how he can provide independent advice on recycling (something the CCC offers up on a regular basis) while occupying the role of chairman in a recycling business.
Articles: Here Comes the Sun: Global Warming and the Perversion of Science
As the hypothesis of man-caused global warming is trundled off to the Morgue for Scientific Hoaxes, let's anticipate the autopsy's preliminary findings: the subject expired after choking on its own premises.
Great Plains digs out of heavy snow, storm debris - Worcester Telegram & Gazette -
Friday's snowfall — 19 inches — broke the previous one-day snowfall record for October by about nine inches; it was set on Oct. 19, 1919, Carpenter said. Rapid City saw an extra 2.5 inches overnight. Friday also surpassed the record for the entire month, 15.1 inches, also set in 1919.

National Weather Service meteorologist Katie Pojorlie said Lead, S.D., in the northern Black Hills had received 43½ inches of snow by 7:30 p.m. Friday and more had fallen overnight.

That's not unheard of in the area, according to Donna Heaton, manager of the Terry Peak Lodge.

''Last year in April, we got over 50 inches after the ski area closed. It would be nice to help the local economy if all the snow would fall when the ski area and the snowmobile trails were open,'' she told AP radio.

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