Saturday, October 05, 2013


Coal Kills Obama Nomination But Critically Wounds Itself - Forbes
Binz, like Obama, believes in the future of coal — but one that requires investments in best-available technologies.
Norway’s wheat production impacted by Climate Change | Watts Up With That?
Late spring gives flooding and avalanches when late snow-melting in the mountains. Water pipes freeze because of early and deep frost in the winter. Insect populations down 40% in 5 years because of cool and wet summers. This of cause is bad for pollination of fruit and berries.
Carbon Dioxide Will Cease To Be a Problem As Biosphere Absorbs Increasing Amounts Of CO2
Note in Figure 3 that the airborne fraction of fossil-fuel carbon polynomial trend line goes to zero in about 30 years. When this happens, atmospheric CO2 will stop increasing. This roughly agrees with the atmospheric CO2 increase ceasing in mid-century as found in the previous article.

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