Thursday, October 03, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - No sceptic scientists in the UK?
I gather that the BBC claimed last week that it had been unable to find any sceptic scientists in the UK.
IPCC Confident That The Record Cold Arctic Summer Was The Hottest In 2,000 Years | Real Science
This past summer was the coldest on record in the Arctic, and had the largest year over year increase in ice area on record.
The decadal mean temperature graph | The IPCC Report
In the draft version of the SPM reviewed by scientists, this graph was not there, perhaps because the authors were aware that it might be criticised. This illustrates the point about the authors having carte blanche to insert whatever they like into the final version after the review.
sceptics vs. academics | ScottishSceptic
This is part of a long term project to try to understand why the “two sides” in the climate debate look at pretty much the same information and come to very different conclusions.

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