Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Government Shutdown: Expect 'already kind of crappy' morale to go downhill fast, former EPA officials warn

The man who made sea-level rise go away — The Daily Climate
In Droz' view, he is the one fighting the hegemony. He's the one railing against forces trying to bend science to what he sees as an unnecessary and costly agenda – namely, a low-carbon future.

"It almost comes down to religion, effectively," Droz said, in an interview conducted in the sunroom of his Morehead City home, which overlooks the tranquil waters of the Bogue Sound.

"It starts off with a basic premise of, if it's green, it's good. But that's preposterously stupid, to make such a broad generalization."
Green Madness: Tories Promise Companies That Taxpayers Will Pay Their Climate Taxes | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Conservatives are set to promise companies at the next general election their energy bills will not go up as a result of efforts to tackle climate change.
Still More Climate Follies | Power Line
Yesterday’s post also included a story that had one of the co-chairs of the IPCC, Thomas Stocker, saying that climate trends should not be considered in periods of less than 30 years. Okay, fine: then why did the climateers make such a big deal out of the warming trend of 1980-1998?

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