Friday, October 04, 2013


Study: Life on Earth could not have started if greenhouse concentrations were as low as today’s |
Weak solar irradiance was a life non-starter.
Climate Change Trust flouting own law with annual reporting failure | Dhaka Tribune
Bangladesh Climate Change Trust has failed to submit a single yearly evaluation report of its activities to the government since 2009, despite the trust’s own act requiring such a review annually.
The trust board consists of 17 members including 10 ministers and it has already been accused of cronyism and misuses of funds for the projects.
US Antarctic research season is in jeopardy : Nature News & Comment
The prospect of losing an entire Antarctic field season is “just hell”, says Diana Wall, an ecologist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Since 1989, she has tracked fluctuations in the populations of nematodes, mites and other soil dwellers in Antarctica’s Dry Valleys. “If we are not there to capture the demographics this year, our whole data set could be unintelligible.”
Abandoned Russian farmland soaks up 50 million tons of carbon every year | Grist
New research by European scientists has revealed the staggering climate benefits of that sweeping change in land use.

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