Thursday, October 03, 2013


Students say they are combating climate change in order to have a better future.
Dennis Fox, a junior at Cornell University and president of Cornell's KyotoNOW! climate justice group, sees promise in his school's divestment movement.
‘Science is not finished until it’s communicated’ - UK chief scientist
[Tamsin Edwards] “I definitely disagree with people who say we should ignore sceptics and hope they go away or try to shout them down—I think that’s a terrible idea. I think we just ought to work out where the differences are and why, and see if we can persuade them of a few things, and sometimes they persuade us of a few things.”
Terrifying Greenhouse Gases Which Power Your Chevy Volt | Real Science
These gases are darkening our skies and causing plants to grow faster. Tens of thousands of people drown every year in H2O, one of the most frightening electric car generated gases.
Fossil fuels make US #1 energy producer in world — keep sharp objects away from Bill McKibben |

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