Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Deafening Silence Continues | Real Science
Last year was marked by hysterics about a record Arctic sea ice melt down, a completely fake record Greenland meltdown, and a fake record hot year in the US. We were told that this was all proof the Earth was doomed.

This year, we hear nothing about any of those topics, and they have moved on to bush fires in Australia.
One third of Australia's media coverage rejects climate science, study finds | Environment |
An academic study has found that 32% of articles dismissed or questioned the link between human activity and climate change
Tell the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Don’t promote climate change denial
Generally, the Strib allows Republicans to tell any old lie they want to on their editorial page. But it’s time to tell them to put an end to the anti-science malarkey the climate deniers want printed.
Taylor & Francis Online :: ‘Wise contrarians’: a keystone species in contemporary climate science, politics and policy - Celebrity Studies - Volume 4, Issue 3
In the 1980s, celebrity climate contrarians, which we might understand as a kind of ‘keystone species’ or ‘charismatic megafauna’, emerged through resistance to dominant interpretations of scientific evidence, and through divergent views regarding what are the best ways to respond to climate threats. Our research here examines the growth pathways of these beings...

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