Thursday, October 17, 2013


Brits finally rumble the size of the wind scam trough – STOP THESE THINGS
The full extent of the subsidies for wind farms received by the “big six” energy companies can be disclosed today.

An analysis of the industry’s figures shows that Britain’s largest energy firms received almost £900 million last year through a consumer subsidy added to household bills.
Truth About the Climate on TV in San Diego | Somewhat Reasonable
Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, you don’t have to actually live in San Diego to watch a 30-minute special that aired in that city last Sunday that gives a thorough debunking of the climate scare.
Climate proposals should be on the table by 2014, according to EU
The European Union has said that climate proposals to be adopted in a legally binding deal in 2015 must be set out by UN Parties by the end of next year.
Alarmists losing so badly they are scared of letters to editors « JoNova
Those who depend on silencing opponents have already lost the intellectual war. But they cling to the hope that they can keep the news of their loss from spreading.

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