Friday, October 11, 2013


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I'm in new documentary "Last hours" about rapid & mass extinction, narrated by
An Open Letter to the L. A. Times Editors.
[Warmist Phil Plait tries his hand at humor] It has come to my attention that you will no longer be publishing letters to the editor from Flat-Earthers. This is an outrage, and shows your obvious spherist bias.
Washington, D.C. to pass climate point of no return in 2047, study says; is that credible?
But if the climate of the future is to become unrecognizable from the climate of the past, can science really nail down exactly when and where with confidence? Unlikely.

“I simply do not believe any of the models are able to reliably say anything meaningful on the details in degree and timing with such specificity, region by region, let alone city by city, with no mention of uncertainties,” says CWG’s Steve Tracton, who spent decades working on numerical weather prediction models.

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