Thursday, October 03, 2013

Settled science update: Open disagreement on whether aerosols should be blamed for the hiatus

Twitter / ClimateOfGavin
Yes. MT @flimsin: @ClimateOfGavin is arguing that industrial aerosols should be taken more seriously as part of reason for pause #RSclimate
Twitter / Cartoonsbyjosh
#RSclimate Ben Santer asks if IPCC is right that aerosols cause 50% hiatus. Boucher says no only a small effect. Embarrassing moment ;-)
Twitter / DocRichard: Opinions of ...
Opinions of speakers: Insignificant effect of cosmic rays on cloud cover after 5 yrs work. Aerosols had little effect on hiatus #RSclimate
Twitter / dougmcneall: If you want to see climate ...
If you want to see climate scientists discussing genuine (as opposed to manufactured) uncertainty, follow #RSclimate

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