Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is just embarrassing: To support his claim of consensus on AGW, warmist Environmental Policy master Keith Kloor links to Oreskes '04

When GMO Opponents Stay in Denial - Collide-a-Scape | DiscoverMagazine.com
Of course, there is a scientific consensus, just as there is for the safety of childhood vaccines and the existence of man-made global warming. [Kloor actually links to Oreskes 2004 here!]
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism » Kloor, Keith – Adjunct Faculty, Urban Environmental Reporting
He has a B.S. from SUNY’s Empire State College and a Masters in Environmental Policy from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Athlete said...

It's not only embarrassing but it "totally poisons the atmosphere".

Brad Keyes said...

He has a B.S.? Keith Kloor? How the f*ck does someone get a B.S. without picking up even the rudiments of scientific reasoning? I've repeatedly begged him on Twitter to "study science" on the assumption that, you know, he never had. This revelation is a bit embarrassing. But to whom?