Friday, November 08, 2013

Better jet to the Maldives or Tuvalu now: Cancer-causing air and snakes as long as buses are coming

10 reasons why you should care about the UN climate talks
The international climate change process is a hard one to sell.
Every year countries gather for a lavish summit, bicker a little and agree to disagree for another 12 months.
Cancer: For those who still think that climate change is something that happens to other people, consider this: the very air that we breathe causes cancer. This is due to the pollutants that are pumped into the air as a result of burning fuels like coal and oil.

Last month, the World Health Organisation classified the air itself as a carcinogen, rather than just the various toxic elements of which it is composed.
...According to the Daily Mail, a warming world could lead to “giant snakes as long as buses”.

Holiday destinations: Fancy a quick break to the Maldives? Keen to relax in Tuvalu? Or maybe you want to visit California’s lush vineyards? The best advice is go now. There’s no guarantee these gems will be with us forever.
The world’s oceans are deteriorating so quickly scientists say there may not be any oysters left to eat in coming decades


Soylent Green said...

The snakes were a nice touch, but this fellow seems to have left one or two things from the Warmlist off his delusion delineation of destruction. Must be hyperventilating.

Lionell Griffith said...

He also left out ghosts, demons, witches, warlocks, shape shifters, dragons, sea monsters, The Blob!" as well as the unicorns on Venus and the little green men on Mars.