Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bummer: CO2 from fossil-fueled tourism could cut Cook Islands tourism revenue 1/3 by 2100; also, as of last year, Cook Islands tourism revenue from Australia was up 40%

Global Warming Threatens Pacific Economies, Report Says - Real Time Economics - WSJ
Damage to coral reefs prized by divers and snorkelers, rapid erosion of sandy beaches and more frequent weather events like tropical storms could shave one-third off tourism revenue in the Pacific region by the end of the century, the ADB said.
The region will need US$447 million every year until 2050 to prepare for worst-case scenarios caused by climate change, the bank calculates. Most of the money would go toward planning and making preparations
But tourism is too important to the region to ignore: In Palau and the Cook Islands it accounts for more than half of GDP
Cook Islands sustained growth
[2012] THE Cook Islands has achieved double-digit monthly growth from the Australian market for the past two years with visitor numbers up 40%, according to Cook Island Tourism officials.

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