Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jack Ohman of the Sacramento Bee: Children will surf in downtown Manhattan; on global warming, Al Gore has "certainly won the debate"

Editorial notebook: Al Gore keeps telling us inconvenient truths - Jack Ohman - The Sacramento Bee
Most of the people in his Sacramento audience probably won’t be around to be able to surf in downtown Manhattan, but their children will, and that’s reason enough to act.
He may have lost Florida in 2000 (that’s debatable), but he has certainly won the debate on a subject we all need to continue to hear, and act upon.


Otter said...

Naturally, they have disabled comments, ostensibly for 'upgrade' purposes.

Otherwise I would have posted this:


Harry Dale Huffman said...

Note the strange reference to the 2000 loss of Gore, as if it were relevant, even central. That was a loss that greatly angered Democrats; in fact, it drove the Left insane with rage (as I increasingly recognized in 2008-2010, as I watched the otherwise unaccountable ascendance and tyrannical rule of Obama, despite his continual, blatant lies to America--starting with his first, claiming he "didn't know" his church pastor of 20 years association was an America-hating radical, preaching Black Liberation theology instead of the Gospel of Christ). The strongest enclaves of the Insane Left (the term I gave to them), especially California, exist behind a new Iron Curtain, of Leftist false dogma touted as the moral standard in society. It has suborned all of our institutions, so our leading "experts" are worse than worthless, thoroughly entrenched in the incompetent academic consensus, that ignores the real, stable world we should all be able to see for ourselves and be reassured by. And the answer is not to vote out Democrats and vote in Republicans, either; it is to adhere to the objective, definitive evidence (and the inalienable rights of every individual over those of the state) instead of emotionally-maintained false theories, in every area, but especially now in politics and science.

papertiger said...

The Sac Bee has been transitioning to another comment method for a while, mirroring the Obamacare website.

Isn't it funny? If they were concerned about what us peons had to say they would have left the old system in place while working out the bugs.

This is about the fourth major tweak of their web comment system in as many years.