Friday, November 15, 2013


NRSC Poll Confirms: No One Knows What Carbon Pollution Is | Somewhat Reasonable
It’s actually amazing that only 51 percent of the respondents said they favored regulating “carbon pollution” from power plants — because quite frankly, the intentionally misleading language makes it sound scary. Any time the word “pollution” is thrown around people will be for regulating it, even if they aren’t sure what they are regulating.
Alan Jones - Tony Abbott | 2GB
Alan talks to the Australian Prime Minister on a range of topics including - climate change, boat people, CHOGM and wind farms
Are climate change talks getting dirty? » Spectator Blogs
Warsaw – As reports flood in of devastation in the Philippines, pressure is growing on ministers attending United Nations talks in Poland to prove that on-going climate change talks are not a waste of money.
...Well, 10,106 people have gathered in a football stadium in Warsaw to produce more hot air discussing a global deal to cut emissions.
...At least the chaotic meeting in Copenhagen in 2009 was supported by Vestas – a wind turbine company.
...The huge stadium (wreathed in red, green and silver lights at night) is powered by coal, which accounts for more than 80 per cent of Poland’s electricity generation.

The cost is estimated to be more than 30m euros.
...Youth groups prowl the corridors carrying banners, perform colourful stunts outside meeting rooms and finally burst into tears in pure frustration.

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