Wednesday, November 20, 2013


U.N. Climate Meet: ‘It’s About Survival’ • Caribbean Life
WARSAW, Nov 13 2013 (IPS) - For the small island developing states of the Caribbean, there is nothing more important than the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place here at the national stadium of Poland from Nov. 11-22.
140-bushel corn yield sets record for state - North Carolina
Many area farmers remember when a 50 to 60-bushel per acre yield was considered very good.
IEA chief economist: “definitely wrong” to highlight oil sands as “a major source of carbon dioxide emissions” - Oil Sands
But of course, facts won’t stop the activists’ crusade against Keystone XL because it has never been about facts: it’s always been about developing a movement around a symbol. As David Victor a climate-policy expert at the University of California told Nature, “As a serious strategy for dealing with climate, blocking Keystone is a waste of time. But as a strategy for arousing passion, it is dynamite.” Or as a Tom Steyer aide Kate Gordon told Rolling Stone, “The goal is as much about organizing young people around a thing. But you have to have a thing.”
Oil's Future Draws Blood and Gore in Investment Portfolios - Bloomberg
“The end is nigh” for global oil-demand growth, proclaimed a Citigroup report in March.

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