Friday, November 22, 2013


Western Herald – New York Times reporter lectured at WMU about media bias, used global warming as a case study
the predictions he made in a 2006 article about a drought occurring in the Middle East and the melting of the Arctic Ice, happened years later.
‘Delink business from global warming issues’ - The Economic Times
For the first time since the UN-led discussions started over climate issues in 1992, richer nations have recently shied away from their pledges to rein in emissions.
PJ Media » UN Climate Delegates Failing Everyone, Developed and Developing Alike
Yes, climate change and extreme weather events are a constant threat to human societies and nature alike. But the proper response is to prepare for these phenomena as best we can, while continuing to fund scientific research so that someday we may be able predict what, when, and where extreme events will happen. Stopping such phenomena from occurring, the main focus of today’s pointless and expensive UN FCCC meetings, is science fiction.

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