Friday, November 29, 2013


The Important Difference between Climatology and Climate Science | Watts Up With That?
The modern glorification of specialization allowed climate scientists to dominate by claiming their piece of a vast puzzle was critical. IPCC climate scientists misused specialized areas, especially in climate models, to achieve a predetermined result.
Bristlecone Addiction in Shi et al 2013 « Climate Audit
the main problem is the longstanding one: if you take a small subpopulation of hockeystick shaped bristlecones and mix them with a population of “proxies” that are indistinguishable from white noise/red noise and apply typical multiproxy recipes, you will get back a HS-shaped reconstruction.
Polar bear researchers still withholding Hudson Bay data | polarbearscience
What are these guys thinking? It’s better to get in bed with an activist environmental reporter who can generate headlines than to publish the data and let it speak for itself?
COP19 – the grubby truth behind it all. | Pointman's
The bottom line of two weeks of earnest negotiation about those ideas was they were told to Foxtrot Oscar by the grown ups. In response, they stormed out of the supposed negotiations, led by China. What happened next was truly stunning.

Nobody came chasing after them.

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