Wednesday, November 06, 2013


China 'flexible' on climate talks but rich nation funding is key: top negotiator - Reuters News - Point Carbon
BEIJING, Nov 5 (Reuters) - China will be “flexible” in U.N. talks for a new global climate change deal, but the key to progress is getting rich nations to keep pledges to fund mitigation steps by poorer countries, the country's top climate change official said on Tuesday.
Leaked UN global warming report written by environmentalists | The Daily Caller
Parts of the report’s summary for policymakers were written with the help of environmental activists, according to a climate skeptic Canadian journalist.
Webchat: Do Western lifestyles need to change in the face of the environmental crisis? - Telegraph
David de Rothschild and Sonu Shivdasani answer your questions about the compatibility of modern life and environmental sustainability. Do we all need to compromise and, if so, what should we give up?
Bonfire cancelled after 20 years because of health and safety fears - Telegraph
Families with young children saw their celebrations “ruined” after council bosses took a village's bonfire away because of fears over health and safety.

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