Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Why climate change is (still) far too important to be left to scientists – Telegraph Blogs
This essay is gold, I tell you, gold. What makes it so is the way it combines close textual analysis with a broader appreciation of the overarching narrative; the way it employs witty analogies, tropes, digressions, asides, high and low cultural references, complex structure, colourful turns of phrase to lure the reader in and make the argument more attractive, readable, comprehensible, enjoyable, worth pursuing right to the end…

Maybe – contra some of our more rabid trolls – non-scientists do have something to contribute to our understanding of the climate debate after all….
Warsaw Climate Change Conference Inconclusively Concludes -
Warsaw-"For the third year in a row the (member) countries have found a new way to say absolutely nothing," asserted Oxfam director Winnie Byanyima, as the U.N.’s annual climate change conference limped inconsequentially to its end on Saturday in Warsaw.
Twitter / PeterGleick: If aliens were adding these ...
If aliens were adding these greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and changing our #climate, we'd declare war & let Ender Wiggins loose.


Doug Proctor said...

Gleick: it is difficult to know whether to respond reasonably, which might be that the aliens knew we'd be able to feed our coming hordes only if our plants grew better, or to ask him if his mother knows he is using her twitter account.

We all have to get older, but only some of us - apparently - mature.

Anonymous said...

We'd attack the imaginary aliens with an imaginary character from a book?

Is that like attacking a real organization with forged documents?

Anonymous said...

Petra, If you sold investment futures using the techniques of the AGW crowd, you would be in prison.