Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Editorial: Our Opinion - TimesDispatch.com
By making unsupportable claims that deniers and skeptics can easily knock down, the alarmists undermine their own case.
How colour changes our climate - Telegraph
differences between sombre and sparkling objects in sunlight are of real importance to [students'] future
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Harvard-Smithsonian global warming skeptic helps feed strategy of doubt, gridlock in Congress - Politics - The Boston Globe
Published in two separate peer-reviewed journals, the [Soon/Baliunas] paper contained an acknowledgment: part of the research funding came from the American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry’s lobbying arm in Washington.

Michael Mann, a prominent climate researcher who performed crucial temperature studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst during the 1990s and is now a professor at Pennsylvania State University, said he was surprised when he read the paper.

“Every self-respecting climate scientist that I knew that read it agreed, this was appalling,’’ Mann said. “It wasn’t legitimate. It was simply a politically motivated attack on a body of work masquerading as science.’’


Anonymous said...

Say, Mann may be half right. Climatology is "a body of work masquerading as science."

Anonymous said...

Mann works for free, I presume.

papertiger said...

Academia is a word because newsmen usually don't bother naming dead weight and fat heads stashed behind the tenure pay wall.
Mike Mann is a special case. An individual so worthless, such a net drag on the Republic, that he had to flee a university founded by slave traders for the more secure environs of Penn State, world renoun as a haven for frauds and pedophiles, just to keep his inter department emails from being read by the public.

Sally Baliunas - I heard her say that primitives use to burn innocent men and women they deemed as responsible for bad weather.

Some of those primitives doing the burning probably tossed a few critics of their practice on the fire.

Similarly, prominent climate researchers would like to burn Sally, but we've outgrown that sort of "science".

Tenure is the only thing keeping Michael alive.

He'd better hope that tenure doesn't get reform.