Saturday, November 30, 2013


A Stronger, More Resilient New York by Mayor Bloomberg-Climate Change -
New York is described by Dr. John Holdren, science and technology advisor to President Obama as being the "point of the spear in addressing climate change."
He Lifted His Sand Wedge And Healed The Planet | Real Science
Obama has had the fewest hurricane landfalls of any president, and the last two years have been the quietest on record for tornadoes. Global temperatures have declined since Obama took office, and the drought is over.
Five Holiday Gift Ideas for the Skeptic In Your Life, with Unlimited Gift Coupon!
here is a selection of gifts as cathartic for you as they are improving for those very special people in your life, such as your lovable but crazy uncle who thinks the sea floor is littered with undetectable volcanoes.
The secret society of warmists - Telegraph
[Booker] As one present put it, “it was like talking to members of a cult”. What particularly struck the GWPF team was their opposite numbers’ refusal to discuss the policy implications of their beliefs, even though Hoskins is a leading member of the “independent” committee which advises the Government on its increasingly disastrous and futile “low carbon” energy policy. In short, the meeting seemed perfectly to exemplify the real mess we are in, where the officially approved scientists who advise our politicians are so sure they are right that it is impossible to have any serious dialogue with them.

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