Thursday, November 07, 2013


SABC - SA hopes for Kyoto Protocol implementation at COP 19:Tuesday 5 November 2013
It's all about sustainable living to ensure the world doesn't reach the dreaded 3 degree Celsius mark.
Twitter / KenCaldeira
@Revkin Rich countries should be paying a "carbon tax" on historical emissions. @FusEnLeague @nicoldesign2012
Twitter / borenbears: Physicist & meteor expert ...
Physicist & meteor expert on yearly asteroid death risk: 91; yearly death risk: 150,000;
Wendy Bacon's Warmist Wonderland — Quadrant Online
Bacon’s paper makes 157 references to Andrew Bolt in its 222 pages, perhaps indicating a need for some counselling. In her worldview, Mr Bolt is a simulacrum of Austin Power’s Dr Evil, single-handedly destroying the planet with his super-weapon of…well, what? Bolt is just a commentator. If he’s influential, why would that be? Something to do with a large and existing body of sceptical opinion perhaps?

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