Friday, November 15, 2013


New Moving Billboards In Chicago And New York Demand Better Climate Coverage From CNBC | ThinkProgress
The billboards feature CNBC hosts nonchalantly crouching on their anchor desk as it bobs helplessly in high-water. The hosts smile, whistle, and sip coffee as the waterlogged remains of the studio drift around their desk island. The billboard declares “While business leaders prepare for climate change, CNBC won’t even admit it exists.”
Record-breaking snowfall in Valdez, Alaska
A respectable 24.4 inches (61 cm) of snow fell Sunday, beating the old November 10 record of 19.1 inches set in 1994.
North America’s largest ski resort to open early
A statement from Whistler said: “Thanks to oodles of snow, Whistler Mountain will open 13 days early this season..."
Quite a Plan | Talking About the Weather
Premature conversion to renewables is killing people already, due to the increased prices that it carries, and cold-weather mortality (principally). That animals are heavily impacted by wind and solar only makes the entire enterprise that much more of a grave mistake.

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