Sunday, December 01, 2013


The subsidy per job is therefore £115077 pa.
Principia Scientific Intl | Principia Scientific Intl - Principia Scientific Intl
When putting it all together, i.e., the purchase price plus the costs associated with depreciation, battery deterioration and operation of any EV are still much higher than that of any car with a combustion engine. Combined with the range and temperature limitations, EVs are more like expensive toys.

When you count in the time (your time) and frequency of recharging and limited range to go just a couple of hundred miles, even in warm California, it ought to be clear that EVs are not a wise investment, certainly not in colder climes or at this time and, more likely, if ever. Perhaps Tesla’s recent stock price action reflects such recognition.
Record Cold Forecast For Colorado | Real Science
These forecast temperatures would obliterate all cold records for early December.
Warming alarmists serve up more tripe | Herald Sun
why do the UN warmists keep telling us of a climate change hunger that the UN agronomists keep seeing hasn't actually happened?

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Anonymous said...

If you want to show your neighbors you care more than they do, it is a good investment.

"it ought to be clear that EVs are not a wise investment"

Yes, as a financial decision, they are stupid.