Sunday, December 15, 2013


How Bill McKibben Ruined My Life | Annie Spiegelman
most level-headed scientists say we're experiencing increasingly severe weather
Joe Bastardi On US December: “This Is An Extremely Extremely Cold Month So Far…”
On pace to be the coldest December on record
Huge snowstorm to span more than 1,000 miles from St. Louis to Boston
Measurable snowfall in at least 16 states, an area of about 110 million people.

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Anonymous said...

Bill McKibben is a profoundly evil man. He is seeking to destroy the oil industry, the industry that has made life possible for tens of millions. This nasty fraud of a man is actually blaming droughts and famine on climate, instead of 'progressives' and other forms of bad governance. And he seems to be able, like a tape worm, to get his intended victims to give him a livelihood. A true parasite.