Friday, December 13, 2013


Video: Louisiana rice growers looking at record production
Louisiana growers harvested an estimated state-wide yield average of 7,200 pounds per acre, including ratoon-crop or second-crop rice. That would be up from the previous high of 6,600 pounds. Louisiana's long growing season often allows them to grow and harvest a second crop from their original crop planting.
NASA: Ozone Holes Have Not Begun To Recover - The Green Optimistic
Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center established that the ozone layer has not begun to recover despite the ban on the use of ozone-depleting chemicals. With the help of satellite data, the team was able to monitor changes in size of the second largest ozone hole located over Antarctica, and found that meteorological conditions have created the false belief that the ozone hole has stopped growing.
Israel Hit With Heaviest Snowstorm in 60 Years
Israel experienced its heaviest snowstorm in 60 years on Wednesday night and Thursday, closing down large swaths of Jerusalem.
Global Coal Boom Accelerating | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
This year, 75 000 MW of new coal-fired power generation came on stream and in the next five years another 450 000 MW of new coal-fired power generation is scheduled to come on stream.

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